Electrology & Laser Hair Removal


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How it works. 

Laser energy targets the dark pigment in the hair, where it is transformed into heat that disables the hair follicle. This targeted process causes the hair to gradually fall out and stop growing back.

It is important to understand that visible results are not immediate because hair grows in cycles.

During any single treatment, some hair follicles will be dormant with no visible hair growth and some will be in a growth cycle, where the hair is visible on the surface of the skin. To benefit from laser treatment, the hair must be in the growth cycle (visible prior to shaving) during treatment.

For optimal results, we recommend one treatment every other week for the first three months then one treatment per month for 3-5months. This is the average amount of time it takes for the majority of the hair follicle to move through the growth cycle and be treated.

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