Electrology & Laser Hair Removal


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What to expect 

During Treatment:
Some users experience a warm, prickling sensation, while others experience no sensation at all. As the amount of hair in the treated areas decreases, the sensation will also decrease. After the first treatment:
There will be no visible change to the hair or the appearance of skin. On occasion, some users experience mild redness that dissipates within 24 hours.

After the second and third treatments:
Hair growth will begin to lighten and become finer. In some cases, it will appear as if the hair is continuing to grow. If you notice this, don’t panic – this is simply the skin working to eject the treated hair from the skin.

After the fourth and fifth treatments:
You will begin to see a visible reduction in the amount of re-growth, especially in areas where hair growth tends to be dense, like the bikini line for women or the back or chest for men.

After six to eight treatments:
As a result, the skin will appear smoother and virtually pore-free. Maintaining this smooth, hair-free result may require the occasional spot treatment of stray hairs that were either missed or not disabled completely during the initial 6-8 treatments.

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